This is us

Hi! We’re Nolea.

We're on a mission to build a radically new recruiting engine that empowers recruiting teams around the world to find the right healthcare talent.

We believe that great healthcare talent can be found anywhere, but isn't always easily accessible, often limiting recruitment to those who are proficient with specific tools.

With the entrance of new AI technologies, we recognised a significant opportunity to establish a radically new standard for making hidden healthcare talent profiles across the web accessible.

Our goal is to set a global standard for healthcare talent data because true talent can be found anywhere… And we bring all these places right to your fingertips.

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Our story

Before Nolea 2.0, there was Nolea (let’s call it 1.0). It all began in 2023, with the aim of addressing the global healthcare workforce shortage challenge through our jobs marketplace platform. After attentively listening to our early customers’ feedback and analysing the evolving healthcare workforce market, we realised that great talent could be found almost anywhere. However, the true challenge lay in unearthing the hidden talent buried within a vast ocean of data and countless sources across the web.

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Introducing Nolea 2.0: Where AI meets talent

With a clear vision, we made a bold decision to pivot our focus and dedicate our resources to developing Nolea 2.0—an AI-powered talent search platform designed to deliver precision and efficiency.

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Talent sourcing and recruitment enhancement

Our AI platform sources talent from diverse data, offering intuitive search and automated talent lists to streamline recruitment. It also provides effortless CRM contact enrichment and personalised email messaging for enhanced communication.

Meet the Nolea crew

Meet the passionate minds behind Nolea. Richie - Founder & CEO; Sacha - Lead Test Engineer; Julia - COO; Kristina - Product Designer and Mehul - Talent Acquisition Manager. Together we operate Nolea and are passionate about making talent sourcing easy and accessible.

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Our core team values


100 million healthcare candidates

We aim to cultivate a talent pool of 100 million people worldwide, valuing diverse cultures, backgrounds, and personalities not just as an asset but as our core strength.


Embrace curiosity

Stay open-minded and eager to learn. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and expand your horizons.


Innovate Creatively

Think outside the box. We strive to solve problems with innovative solutions that set new benchmarks in the industry.


Pursue Excellence in Relationships

Commit to excellence in all interactions. Build respectful, collaborative, and supportive relationships with both colleagues and customers.

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